The Two Towns of Bourbon-Lancy
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The Two Towns of Bourbon-Lancy

In Bourbon-Lancy old medieval sectors and new areas match in a vision to harmonize the useful and the pleasant.

The belfry of Bourbon-Lancy.

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Close to Charolles, in this beautiful region of Burgundy, the city of Bourbon-Lancy already turns her back to this charming département of Saône et Loire and looks towards the vast plain of the Besbre and the châteaux of another département : Allier. There are two Bourbon-Lancy: the old medieval town that one admires through the narrow streets climbing up to the Town Hall. And the new town with its surprising grey stone Church of the Holy Heart of Jesus that dates back to the XIXth century and the Saint-Denis Chapel erected from 1950 to 1958. The old city is not known enough and yet so worth the trip with this massive sculpted wooden frame mansion that seems to hide behind a curtain of flowers. This is a true peace haven dominated by the belfry (1495) with its curious Jack-o'-the-clock striking the hours. This protected sector invites us to discover a rich past and lovely heritage strolling about the ramparts and historic centre. The Early Romanesque church of Saint-Nazaire is a must see and reminds us of the proximity of the venerable Abbey of Cluny. The Musée du Breuil displays interesting archaeological collections.

The new town that spreads well beyond the old ramparts, is better known since she greets the visitors arriving from the main axes of circulation. A trade and art city, it is also a quiet place that crossed the ages with a certain serenity. Bourbon-Lancy also welcomes many patients taking the waters at the spa. The tourists fond of superb parks will not miss to go and rest and why not meditate in the recently restored gardens close to the Thermal Baths. If Bourbon-Lancy is famous for her hot waters since the Roman period, it however does not forget modernity. The hospital built in 1910 is an example of brick architecture of this period. And in the outskirts of the town, we find a bridge built in the first half of the XXth century that deserves our attention. It was called "Pont du Fourneau" and is a remarkable example of the knowledge used in this century for concrete. Elegant with its length and height, the bridge was repaired in recent years and its silhouette overlooks the bed of the Loire River. It shows that on this historic land of South Burgundy, men, either Romans, builders of the Middle-Ages or engineers of our centuries always tried to harmonize the useful and the pleasant. 

Arriving in Bourbon-Lancy.

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Historic centre.

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Hospital, 1910.

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Strolling on the ramparts of the Middle-Ages.

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Comments (14)

Beautiful towns, Francois! Loved them:)

A wonderful article as usual.

Very attractive towns, and quintessentially French. Thank you, Francois.

Amazing sight and post Francois. Very well presented. Stumbled this.

What a fairy tale place, beautiful.

I can feel the quiet ambiance of the place.

Excellent description for this wonderful and attractive town..Thanks

How much lovely this article is. I enjoyed too much by reading this article. Thanks for sharing. Voted up

Your exceptional article has greatly enriched my life. Thank you. Voted up.

A very beautiful place to visit. Well presented my friend.

Just dropped by to comment, Francois. The above message was mine.

David George DeLancey

I am a direct descendent of this family. Someday I will come and visit, but for now I will reside in the U.S.A. Heritage is very important and the DeLancey heritage is of great importance. Lots of history to be studied and associated with this particular place. It appears that Lancey, Lancy derives from possible Anseduis and was was named this with Borbon after it. I shall have this information at any three of my sites. and This family is of great concern as well as the history of France in particular.

Thank you Francois for your reply and this article. Nice article. But I am exhausted of votes. I am elated with your friendship. Thanks.

Thanks for this report on twin towns. Voted. Always in your friendship and support.