Who Lives in the Palace of Bubbles?
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Who Lives in the Palace of Bubbles?

Just which famous designer lives in the Palais Bulles? The Palace of Bubbles is an incredible piece of architecture which has to be seen to be believed!

Called ‘The Bubble House’ this property has already been listed as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture, despite the fact it is a relatively young 40 years of age. The construction of the property began in 1989 and is still a work in progress. In total it is thought to have cost over $9 million dollars.

The property is situated high on a hillside, 10 kilometres outside Cannes, in a town called Théoule-sur-Mer. Designed in the 1970’s by Hungarian architect Antii Lovag, it has been a playground of fun for the famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who has hosted many legendary festivals here.

Appropriately named ‘Palais Bulles’ or ‘Palace of Bubbles’ the residence maintains the fundamental ideas of what a house should encapsulate, according to Antii Lovag. One of the Hungarian designer’s favourite concepts is called ‘habitology’ or how the house itself can be inhabited. For Mr Lovag, this is about going back in time to the roots of our ancestral habitats, such as caves. He believes that a house should express beauty, flexibility, harmony and balance, whilst leaving the imagination room to roam free.


The futuristic, yet organic design manages to fit in beautifully with the surrounding volcanic Cote d’Azur countryside. Much of the property features original, built in furniture and wonderfully wide, oval, convex windows which give a stunning view of the surrounding Mediterranean and the red cliffs of Esterel. The full panorama also manages to include the stunning bay of Cannes itself.

The house consists of 1,200m (12, 916 sq ft) of living space, which comprises of a 500 seat amphitheatre, reception room, panoramic lounge and 10 bedroom suites. Gardens, pools and waterfalls are spread over an additional 8,500 square metres of land (2.1 acres).

The structure of the building was constructed out of lightweight mesh and rods, before concrete was poured to form the spherical walls.

The design incorporates 28 ‘soap bubble’ rooms. All the beds are round; there are no hanging pictures to be found anywhere in the house and specially designed illuminators change the mood of the house from day to night. At the insistence of Mr Cardin, built in interior furniture was made from plastic, foam and polyester. The 10 bedroom suites have some of the most renowned artists to thank for their interior design, such as Patrice Breteau, Daniel You, François Chauvin, Jerome Tisserand and Gerard Cloarec. This adds a completely different feel and charm to each suite, some of which are simply breath-taking.

Pietro Cardin, more famously known as Pierre Cardin, has long been known for his fondness of space age designs and avant-garde style. In 1954 he designed the ‘bubble dress’ which was years ahead of its time and may be one reason behind his fondness for bubbles and spherical shapes.

Whatever you may think of ‘The Bubble House’ you have to give credit to the brains and imagination that must have had to overcome hundreds of obstacles, to give rise to the amazing creation you see today.

This really is an incredible property that deserves the title ‘Mason Extraordinaire’.

Sources: http://twistedsifter.com/2011/04/pierre-cardins-bubble-house-palais-bulles-antti-lovag/

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Comments (11)

Very beautiful Anne... i would love to stay there.. though not really live...

Ranked #7 in France

This is the most unusual home that I have ever seen. Might be nice to live there, if not closed in.

Excellent acoount of a fantastic house. And this is true that the house is an expression of human life as well as it is the integration between our imagination and the surounding environment..Very nice work Ann.

The interior is beautiful, really organic, as you say. And i love the concept of habitology :D I do think the exterior looks a little like how people in the 1950s and 60s thought people living today would be housed :D A really excellent article, very well written and researched. I had never heard of this house, much to my shame x

Voted up. Great article

Very interesting!

an interesting building that normally exists only in the fantasy world!

Wow! Very interesting. Voted up.

chubby puppy

it is the coolest house ever i want to live in sooooo badly.

I drove past it when i was on holiday and it looks like a village. if i hadnt have seen a tv programme about iut last year then i wouldnt hav known waht it was

Ranked #2 in France

Lol chubby puppy... you and quite a few others I suspect!

Ranked #1 in France

Hello Ann, This is a great account on this fabulous villa on the French Riviera. Thank you, my friend.